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In 2016 Giovanna Cafaro began creating the first collection of leather harnesses and accessories after years of thinking creatively about her wardrobe and the art of dressing. NDA is a culmination of the ethics that are most significant to her - authenticity, sustainability, material, process and beauty. The result is her first nine piece collection (there is no No. 7 piece) where the pieces are simple, elegant, versatile and can be mixed or matched.

Each NDA piece is handmade to order by Giovanna from the Portland, Oregon based studio. Giovanna believes in slow fashion - aiming to bring change to the current fashion system where the constant need to buy into new trends is slowed to a more realistic and sustainable pace. Buy LESS but buy BETTER QUALITY items. Each piece is made from the highest quality American leather so that it can be worn and loved for years.

Prior to NDA Giovanna spent over a decade designing leather footwear and accessories for companies such as The Frye Company, Kenneth Cole Collections and Dolce Vita. She also spent a year as an apprentice to a bespoke footwear maker from Brooklyn, fine tuning her leather working techniques. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fashion Design. Giovanna now resides in Portland, Oregon but travels to New York City quarterly to meet with clients.

If you would like to make a studio visit in PDX or learn details about the next time she is in NYC - please contact us!